How to block the slots for a particular date in the Checkfront?

How to block the slots for a particular date in the Checkfront?

Step 1: - Login to the Checkfront by clicking on Staff Login in the Footer

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Step 2:- Click on Calendar and select Inventory


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 Step 3:- Select the date you want to block the slots


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Step 4:- Expand Year 1 of Age (Dr Shafii) 



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Step 5:- Click on 1 for the slots to need to block, it will open a popup and

towards the right-side of the popup there is “Adjust stock by -1” , the number
will be “0” Make it to “-1”


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All the slots which you will block will change it to 0 with the triangle towards

the right of the slot.


Step 6:- You have to repeat steps 4 and 5 for 12 Weeks to Less Than 1 year of

age(Dr Shafii) and Up to 12 weeks of Age (Dr. Shafii) also.


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